Enjoy the comfort of our studio located in a private industrial setting. All studio rentals include Shooting lights, Backdrops, Computer with printer, Desk area, Podcast area, Photo area, Free Wifi, TV, Sony 4K Camera with lens/accessories and a Locker area for personal items.


We welcome all creators there's no need to be an expert. It's not just business, it's personal. Our 1 on 1 experience will help to bring your vision to life. All you have to do is bring your idea, we got you covered on the rest. Together we are better.


We made it very simple, no hidden fees, no additional fees and no extra fees. Just one all Inclusive Fee, you choose how many hours you need, we take care of the rest.

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  • The FA Studio

    The FA Studio is where creators make content become alive. Where artists paint their visions through pictures and videos utilizing all the resources we have to offer at an affordable price.
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to build a community where we can help each other grow in content creation with little to no experience at an affordable price. There's no need to be an expert, we welcome all beginners, we will sit down with you 1 on 1 and help you bring your vision to life.
  • Why All Inclusive?

    We figured upfront cost to most of our customers can be very expensive and when starting out just the equipment such as the camera and lens is a huge bulk in anyone's budget. Then comes the lighting gear, editing softwares, accessories and a place to comfortably shoot privately. So we created an all inclusive package where we focused on relieving that stress on all of our customers and solely on creating content. Content creation should be about having fun and expressing your true talent with flexibility knowing all you need is here at the FA Studio. We got you covered and we hope you choose us for your next shoot.


"When I started out my content building for my IG platform, I did not know where to start or which camera brand is good or what equipment I needed. All I wanted to do is shoot content to post up on IG. I hired many photographers and videographers at the time when I barely had the budget for content creation. I realized I would spend an x amount a week content shooting and paying out photographers / videographers. Even if I wanted to buy my own equipment it would have cost me hundreds of dollars. So I remember my time as a beginner and the challenges just starting out. That's when I created The FA Studio where we provide you with everything you need so you don't have to worry about financial burdens but only to worry about looking your best for that moment. Even if you were unsure of content creation and wanted to just experiment, I took in consideration start up costs etc, so we created packages that are really affordable to our end consumers. Plus I wanted to include that 1 on 1 personalized experience with us so we can make a difference together and bring your vision to life all through content creation. I hope what I'm doing inspires others in the near future.

Together We Are Better.

- Dave T.